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Exclusively for Men and Women that want personal, one-on-one help Building Muscle and Losing Fat.

BY FAR… The Fastest Most Effective Way To SMASH Your Fitness Goals!

My Name Is Vince Sant

I am an ISSA certified trainer and fitness model. Over the past few years I decided to start sharing my fitness and nutrition knowledge and I've grown a big following in a short time because my team and I consistently help people get amazing results.

We have helped thousands of people change their lives and get the body of their dreams and word is spreading fast.

Getting The Body You Want Can Be Confusing and Frustrating…. I Should Know.

Back just a few short years ago I was a scrawny kid who literally had to quit football because I was so skinny I was going to get hurt.

I knew it came down to my diet and training, but I had no clue how to fix it. I had already spent years lifting weights and I thought I was eating the right stuff.

I tried different workouts I found on-line and spent a fortune on supplements I knew nothing about.

It took years of study and trial and error to finally crack the code on what actually works. One of the most important lessons I learned is that “one size fits all” approaches simply don't get massive results and they almost always end in a plateau.

When I finally mastered this and figured out exactly what nutrition and training plan was the exact fit for me, I started seeing drastic changes in the mirror that I never thought possible.

It had such a positive impact on me, I decided to commit my life to helping people get the results they want in the fastest way possible.

“One Size Fits All” Diet and Training = Recipe For Plateaus and Frustration

The Bad News…..

MOST and I do mean MOST (98% of you) have no idea or are very confused about how to PROPERLY diet and EXACTLY what training you should be doing to reach your specific fitness goal for your specific body type.

Sadly, you are probably on some “one size fits all” type of plan you found somewhere…… or worse, you are just guessing.

Because of this, you will end up never seeing the results you are hoping for and constantly feel frustrated or even quit because of your frustrating lack of results.

Any of these below sound familiar?

“I am completely confused on how to diet. I think I'm eating clean sometimes, but I don't have a real system. I'm not sure exactly what portions or ratios are right for me.”

“Dieting is hard because I feel like it's so restrictive I can't maintain it very long. And then I gain all my weight back.. If not more.”

“Dieting only works for a little while and then it plateaus and I stop seeing results even though I feel like I'm starving all the time.”

“I go to the gym and kinda follow a structured plan, but not very well.

“Training is overwhelming. I walk in the gym and I'm not even sure where to start.”

“I go through stretches where I train really hard but I have no idea how to calculate the perfect diet for me so I get some results but I'm never really shredded like I would like.”

“I need accountability and a good plan and I have neither! I need a really good workout partner or a trainer to help me stay motivated. Without that I can't make myself stay on track.”

“I know I should go to the gym so I do, but I basically go through the motions and leave because I hardly see any changes in the mirror.”

“It just takes too long and I burnt out. I go to the gym and try to diet and do cardio, but no matter what I do I just see little or no change and I get disheartened.”

“I really do want to get in great shape, I just find it confusing and overwhelming. If I had a road map I'd gladly put in the work.”

If those sound familiar to you, you aren't alone.

These are some of the most common things I hear every single day. Those problems kill more fitness dreams than anything else.

The Good News...

Seeing exactly the results you want in the mirror and seeing lasting changes doesn't have to be difficult or confusing and it 100% should NOT take forever to reach your goal. You just need a mentor to give you a road map that shows you the shortest path to your goal.

FACT: Customized Diet and Training Plans Are The Fastest, Most Effective Way To Reach ANY Fitness Goal!

(Accountability, no more confusion, no more plateaus, just fast results.)

As I told you before I had been training hard as I could for years on one size fits all workout and diet programs I bought on-line or off a TV infomercial and saw very limited results.

It wasn't until I learned how to 100% customize each piece of my training, diet, and supplements tailored specifically for me that I started seeing incredible changes in the mirror.

That's why when we created this company, I told my team the cornerstone of this company has to be about us offering the best customized nutrition and training plans anywhere in the world.

Nothing Gets Clients To Their Goal Like a Custom Plan.

It makes perfect sense if you think about it. You wouldn't borrow your friends suit and expect it fit perfect would you? Then why would you assume a custom diet and training plan designed for Arnold Schwarzenegger would be what you need to hit your goal?

When you are on the diet and training plan designed specifically for your body type and your goal by professionals, you can get there lightning fast.

With a personalized workout and nutrition plan and full access to our coaching staff to guide and motivate you every step of the way, it's not a matter of if you're going to see results--it's a matter of how fast.

I'm proud to say my team and I have helped thousands of men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ability levels CONSISTENTLY reach their fitness goals.

Why Are Customized Plans SO MUCH BETTER Than Basic Programs?

So let me see if this is how it usually goes for you... You get motivated and you decide it's time to get in great shape, so you grab a workout off some website or one of your buddies tells you he has some amazing workout.

You decide to use this new workout and to start eating clean. Deep down you aren't even 100% sure what all “eating clean” fully means or what exactly you should be doing with your “clean diet” to strip fat fast and build muscle.

So you just take your best uneducated guess.

You drop your fats, carbs, and sugar intake drastically. You increase your protein. You get way less calories than normal. That should do it, right?

You try this new workout you found somewhere, which you aren't sure what the workouts outcome was designed for... was it for bulking up? Was it for rapid fat loss? You don't know. But you carry on.

You are borderline starving because you dropped your calories so low that you can feel it taking it's toll on your emotions and you're starting to even feel weaker in the gym, not stronger.

After a month or so of this, you see marginal results, but you try to keep going hoping the results will come soon.

However, your diet isn't perfect because you are just guessing, so deep down you know that no matter how hard you go in the gym, there is a big painful plateau coming.

Sure enough after seeing some changes in the mirror early on, that has now stopped. Now you are sore and starving all the time, which might be bearable if you were seeing a massive transformation in the mirror, but you aren't

It's soon after that stage you find your diet slipping and your workouts lacking enthusiasm. Now you look even worse in the mirror so you find yourself skipping days at the gym and your diet is basically over.

This cycle frustratingly repeats itself year after year leaving you believing it's impossible to ever get the body you really want.

Instead Of That Horrible Story Above, Can You Imagine This Instead...
  • You're never confused on how to diet again.
  • You finally have a real system to follow instead of just kinda “eating healthy” and hoping your workout is the right one.
  • You know exactly what portions and ratios of fats, carbs, and proteins you should be eating each meal. So your body will change fast.
  • Dieting isn't hard for you. No more starving yourself on restrictive diets you shouldn't be on anyway. Your macros (ratio of proteins, fats, carbs) are perfect so you feel satisfied instead of constantly hungry.
  • You blast through plateaus because your coach changes your diet to shock your body when needed.
  • Weight training isn't overwhelming because you have a professional map out a plan that tells you exactly what workouts to do, how many sets, and exactly how many reps.
  • You have a structured plan that feels good to complete each day instead of guessing.
  • You track your progress and your trainer checks in with you each week. This creates massive positive momentum.
  • You have a coach to motivate and hold you accountable and a plan designed just for you. You no longer feel that horrible “going through the motions” feeling at the gym. You see fast results and the momentum is addicting.
  • You finally have a road map to the body of your dreams and a coach and team to drag you kicking and screaming to the finish line... you can't lose.
  • You never feel confused or overwhelmed again and you never waste an extra second in the gym or kitchen that isn't doing something specific to your goal.
  • You are seeing consistent fat loss and muscle gains week after week, while feeling and looking fantastic.
See The Difference?

A customized plan removes all the most common roadblocks that cause you to fail and it sets you on a path to succeed mentally and physically vs toiling in the gym and in the kitchen and hating the entire process because you are confused and frustrated.

Don't Just Take My Word For It…
Real Results From Our Customized Plans

Thousands have already made the decision to get fit with Vinsanity Shred. And that's because our programs get results. That's not bragging. Our customers keep on proving it—day after day.

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What Do These Guys KNOW that you DON'T ?

Check out what these people had to say about their customized plans…

Introducing: Vinsanity Shred Customized Nutrition and Training Program

You are about to get the body of your dreams in the shortest time possible... and we are going to do all the stressful parts for you.

Let us take away all the stress and confusion from your diet and training and get you lightning fast results, with a plan 100% customized to you and your goals.

  • No more guessing, no more stressing, no more confusion.
  • No more weighing your food.
  • No more figuring out exactly what foods to eat.
  • No more calculating your macro-nutrients all day.
  • No more wondering what time of day and what portions you should eat.
  • No more wasting money at the grocery store because you don't know exactly what and how much to buy.
  • No more stressing about how to prepare your meals.
Simple, effective and 100% customized to you!

We tell you EXACTLY what to eat and EXACTLY what to lift to smash your goal!

With our plans… Each meal is specific to YOU: This is NOT some cookie-cutter nutrition plan that tells you to eat bland chicken, broccoli, and brown rice for every meal.

That's not sustainable long term.

Literally every meal, every snack, and supplement suggestion will be listed for you with easy to follow portions and preparation instructions.

With our plans… Each meal is specific to YOU: Every time you go to the gym, you will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how it's supposed to be done. No more guessing. No more searching.

No more wondering. Just a personalized strategy that's simple to follow, designed to lead you down a direct path to success the fastest route possible.

Every workout, set, rep, cardio, rest days, and abs will be laid out for you every day.

It's broken down so simple, all you have to do is blindly follow YOUR plan each day to get insane results!

Our Customized Plan Are Built Based On Your Goals. Goals like…

Building muscle

Extreme weight loss

Shredding fat for visual muscle definition

Getting stronger

Increasing specific muscle group size

Improving health

Getting bigger arms

Enhancing athletic ability

Toning butt/stomach/legs/arms

Increasing speed

Losing some weight

Getting six pack to really show

Trimming love handles

Increasing flexibility

Losing stubborn fat

Whether You Are New To Fitness or Advanced….

We Can Help

I don't care if you are brand new to fitness and completely lost or you are an experienced workout enthusiast, or somewhere in between. I can promise you we have helped someone just like you smash their fitness goals in less time than they ever thought possible.

You're going to blast through plateaus and NEVER get stuck again…

Having a team around you to check in with and help you stay accountable is a game changer.

We will drag you kicking and screaming to the finish line and give you a simple but highly effective road map to follow along the way.

Having a professional make subtle tweaks to your diet and training as you go along to keep you blasting through plateaus is worth the price of these plans alone.

So many people work hard but not smart and when they hit a plateau they have no idea that the correct subtle change to their diet or training will get them out of that plateau and back on track to building muscle or dropping fat fast.

What All Do You Get With Your Customized Plan?
Your Coach Will Update Your Plan And Guide You Each Week.

-One of the most powerful features: You get access to my team's “CLIENTS ONLY” email, where you can ask us any question anytime so you never feel stuck or confused.

-We will be continually monitoring your progress and giving you guidance throughout your entire program. Each week you will give us updates and we'll change the plan based on the results you're seeing.

-If you ever have any questions or just need some extra motivation, we are just an email away.
We truly are obsessed with seeing you succeed and we'll be there every step of the way to make sure you do .

Answers To Common Questions:
? How long does it take me to see results?

This is probably the number 1 question I get asked.

A quote one of my good friends said that I agree with is, “If you follow a plan specifically designed for your body, it takes 4 weeks for you to really start noticing changes to your body, it takes around 8 weeks for your family and friends to start to notice, and it takes around 12 weeks for the rest of the world to react to you differently and really start to notice a drastic transformation.”

It also comes down to your starting point. If you are 50+ pounds overweight you can see drastic changes in the mirror in 4 weeks, but you can't expect a 6 pack in that time frame.

? “But I have special diet needs or taste preferences! What about me?”

Don’t worry. We will make sure your meals don’t have certain foods if you have allergies, intolerances, taste or food preferences, or sensitivity. We also create meal plans for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, paleo etc.  Just make sure you let us know about your needs when you fill out the questionnaire upon purchase.

? Are these plans just for fat loss or can you customize mine to gain muscle?

They ARE NOT just for fat loss.  You name your goal and we’ll build the plan to get you there as fast as possible. That’s the beauty of going custom!

? Do I Ever Get to Eat Junk Food or Cheat Meals?

We understand. We get that you are likely not a professional bodybuilder or fitness model who gets paid to dedicate every waking second to this area of your life.

You are human.  What’s the point of getting the body you’ve always wanted if you can’t enjoy social events, dates, amazing restaurants, etc? 

The truth is, yes you will have to commit to a healthier lifestyle than the average person, but it’s not as rigid as you might think.  We are going to show you simple ways to maintain a balance between having amazing fitness and having fun.  Let’s get you living the life you love while still smashing your fitness goals!

? Do you make customized plans for women

Of course. While most of our clients are men, we have helped thousands of women reach their goals. It’s the exact same process. We won’t put you on a plan built for a man.  We’ll build a plan for your goals. Toning, fat loss, building your legs or butt, etc.

? Do I have to take or buy any supplements for this to work?

Absolutely not. That being said I do make recommendations of a few powerful supplements that can only serve to enhance the effects of your plan. But they are by no means required. It’s up to you. They are just suggestions. Many of our clients don’t like supplements and it doesn’t matter and won’t hurt their results.

How Does It Work?
  • Step#1

    You complete your order and fill out the questionnaire .

    To give us your goals. Tell us your likes , dislikes, and aspects of your lifestyles

  • Step#2

    We create your custom diet and training plan.

    Based on your goals and get it back to your in 48 business hours .

  • Step#3

    Your meal plan arrives via email

    Your meal plan arrives via email and you get additional resources to be successful.

  • Step#4

    Instantly begin utilizing your new diet and training program!

    Communicate with your trainer about your progress so they can make changes when needed so you blast through plateaus and fast track to the body you’ve always wanted.

The 3 Phases Of Your Customized Plan:
Phase 1: Recon

First we send you a questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes to complete. We need this so we can find out everything that we need to know about you so we can see what plan would be the best approach. We want to know who you are, what you want, what's held you back in the past, why you want this, special needs etc…

This questionnaire is a brain dump where we learn everything we need to know about you so we can really make the absolute best plan tailored to fit you perfectly.

Phase 2: Strategy

Once we've looked over all the information provided, we will get together with my team and we will put together a plan customized to your needs and goals to put you on the fast track to where you want to be. We'll send you your customized plan within 48 hours of you submitting your questionnaire.

  • You'll be given a training regimen to follow:
  • -Exactly what exercises to do on what days.
  • -How many sets.
  • -How many reps.
  • -How much rest and what days.
  • -Cardio plan.
  • -Ab training plan.
  • You will be given an exact diet plan to follow:
  • -What exact meals and snacks you're going to eat.
  • -Exact times you'll be eating them.
  • -The exact portions.
  • -You are given an exact grocery list to take to the grocery store.
  • -Specific preparation instructions for each meal.
  • -Specific supplement strategy suggestions based on your goals.
Phase 3: Weekly feedback and course correction.

Once you've read over the entire meal and training plan that we've created for you, you can ask any questions and have us adjust any part of it to meet your liking (Unless you ask for donuts or pancakes lol).

Then throughout the duration of the plan, you will have your very own coach there to answer any questions that pop up, but at bare minimum, we will be checking in with you once a week to make any adjustments to your plan, if needed. Or to just simply give you a little motivation and make sure you are staying on track.

So... Are You Next?

Fact: No nutrition and training plan is better and gets you results faster than a custom plan. We are about to tell you EXACTLY what and how to lift. We are about to tell you EXACTLY what to eat, when, and how much. We are about to hold your hand and guide you across the finish line.

….you are about to see what you've always wanted to see in the mirror.

My team and I are excited and honored to guide you on your fitness journey… It's time for you to see a transformation you never thought possible.


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